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Write Your Blog Using AI

If you like to write for us (and if you like to try out Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you with the writing), then please visit Meta-Blogger!

This platform can help you to come up with new ideas for a blog post. For example, say you are interested in writing a blog post about Artificial Intelligence. You can then type in the first few words of the post and let the AI help you:

The first few words of the new blog post

Then, press the “Add AI-generated text” button and it will automatically complete your text!

Words filled in by the algorithm!

What would you like to write about? We would like to improve your writing experience and help you with writing and maintaining your blog posts. So don’t hesitate and start writing your first blog post today on Meta-Blogger!

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Circuit board.

Scale out your Pandas DataFrame operations using Dask

In Pandas, one can easily apply operations on all the data using the apply method. However, this method is quite slow and is not useful when scaling up your methods. Is there a way to speed up these operations? And if so, how? Yes, there is! This blog post will explain how you can use Dask to maximize the power of parallelization and to scale out your DataFrame operations.


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Reading books.

15 Books Every College Student Needs to Read before Graduating

College life is considered a crucial phase of a person’s life. It is the transition period when a student slowly makes his/her way to the professional world. Whatever decisions you make during this period, shapes your future. So, when you are in college, you need to make smarter choices to ensure success. And what better way there can be to get smarter than reading books by some of the best authors of all time?

If you love reading books, you are already a few steps ahead of your friends who don’t practice the same. Earlier there used to be issues with the availability of the books. You needed to visit the library and find the book of your interest. Now you can just download an entire book on your tablet, iPad or Kindle device, and read it anytime you want.

If you are not a big fan of reading, push yourself to read every day. It can not only make you more thoughtful but also allow you to develop your personality. If you don’t know where to start from, here is the list of 15 amazing books that every college student should read.


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