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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • A Tutorial on Multi-Armed Bandits: To Explore or Exploit?
    The Multi-Armed Bandit problem is a classical Reinforcement Learning that shows the exploration-exploitation trade-off. In this tutorial, we will look at the problem of advertorial design and we will answer the following question: what advertorials will lead to the highest gains? See also: Mathematics in […]
  • Hands-on: Creating Neural Networks using Chainer
    This tutorial is a practical guide which helps you to create Neural Networks in Chainer. The focus is not on the architecture of the networks (more about Neural Network architectures is found in this post), but it is focused on creating a pipeline. We will […]

Natural Language Processing

  • Finetune BERT on Google Colab: A Simple Tutorial
    In this blog post, you will learn how you can finetune BERT on Google Colab and use the trained model for your NLP task. You will also learn how you can observe the performance of the model in the training phase. See also: Detecting Pedestrians […]
  • Create a Character-based Seq2Seq model using Python and Tensorflow
    In this article, I will share my findings on creating a character-based Sequence-to-Sequence model (Seq2Seq) and I will share some of the results I have found. All of this is just a tiny part of my Master Thesis and it took quite a while for […]

Information Retrieval

  • Opinion mining on Dutch news articles
    In this blog post, I will learn you how you can mine opinions about companies from news articles. I will share how I scraped thousands of news articles in a few minutes and how one could classify the opinion expressed in the titles of the […]
  • Scrape een website met Python + Scrapy in 5 simpele stappen
    In deze Python Scrapy tutorial leer je hoe je een eenvoudige webscraper in Python kan maken met behulp van het Scrapy framework. De Data Blogger website zal als voorbeeld worden gebruikt in dit artikel. Scrapy: Een platform voor het extraheren van informatie van websites op […]


  • Proof that 1/7 is a repeated decimal
    This blog post serves as an exercise and solution to the following question: In plain English: is the fraction a repeated decimal (0.142857142857142857…)? See also: Summing the Fibonacci Sequence Implement spelling correction using Language Models Create a Character-based Seq2Seq model using Python and Tensorflow Pi […]
  • Mathematics in India: A Complete Guide to Make Your Career in this Field!
    Mathematics is the study of measurement, properties and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols. In other words, we can say that Mathematics is the study of numbers & their calculations. It is used by all the individuals in their everyday life. It is […]

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