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Are you facing a machine learning problem, a mathematical problem, a software related problem or an artificial intelligence related problem? Or do you need Data Science consulting or Machine Learning consulting? Then stop here! I am a qualified Data Science expert (currently graduating as a MSc. in Computing Science) tooled with the knowledge to tackle your problem. Besides the knowledge, I have more than 5 years of working experience in this field. I am interested in almost any related problem, from classifying images of cats and dogs to analyzing DCIM images for detecting signals of lung cancer.

How can I get in touch?

Feel free to send me a LinkedIn message or send an e-mail to I will reply within a business day.

Where do I reside?

I live near Nijmegen, in The Netherlands.

What is your best Data Science experience so far?

I had the chance to work at CERN (the particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland) on a Data Science related problem. I can definitely tell you more about this experience in a chat!


On my blog, you can find several Data Science related projects which I worked on. Here I will show two recent projects I worked on:

Elman SRNN

Elman RNN.
Implementation and explanation of the Simple Recurrent Neural Network. – Read more

Scrape a website using Python + Scrapy


Logo of Scrapy.


A tutorial on how a website can be scraped using Python and Scrapy. – Read more


Maarten van der Vaart: “I really enjoyed working with Kevin. He has a passion for his domain and really helped us by working out a solution for our computer vision problem.” Stars.

Joe Anderson: “Kevin is a great person to work with. We had a problem with our audio software and he helped us to implement a Machine Learning layer.” Stars.


I finished a bachelor Software Science at the TU/e University (in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Currently, I am finishing my master Computing Science with a Data Science track at the Radboud University (in Nijmegen, The Netherlands).


Here is a small subset of the technologies I have worked with. For a more complete overview, you can take a look at my Curriculum Vitae.

Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Tensorflow, Keras and Theano
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Amazon AWS (the complete stack)
  • Python and many machine learning frameworks
  • iPython Notebooks
  • R
  • And much more…

Web Technologies

  • React
  • Node.JS
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • PHP and many related frameworks
  • Python and many related frameworks
  • Amazon AWS
  • And much more…


Radboud University.      KidUp.      Tuxx.      TU Eindhoven.