Cryptocurrency Advisor

We combine different data sources to get a reliability score for new (and existing) Blockchain-based projects. We send you a report containing more than 1,300 cryptocurrency in which the cryptocurrencies are sorted by our reliability score. You can use our report to do further research on the most reliable projects. The report is explained in the newsletter, which we update once a week.

The Data

We combine data from Reddit and CoinMarketCap and many additional sources. We also look at price indicators for detecting abnormal behaviour like Pump & Dump strategies.

The following plot was generated by combining information from CoinMarketCap:

Price trend.

Price trend.

Data derived from this plot and other indicators is used to estimate the potential growth of a project and to detect abnormal behaviour in the price.

Our Service

We send you a newsletter which describes the latest Blockchain-based projects and our report. We send a newsletter (including our report) every Friday at 12:00 UTC.

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I give free advice on Twitter and on Data Blogger once in a while. This advice is based on the report. If you send me an e-mail (kevin8080nl@gmail.com) with your Litecoin wallet address and send $10,- worth of Litecoin to LaSSL8JqvN4vUVSKYuwYvmgjkwFwzgsYJt you will receive the next newsletter the next Friday at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to first send me an e-mail with you wallet address before you send the Litecoin! Once I received the Litecoin, I will send you an acknowledgement. So, if you want some advice, please send us an e-mail to get started :-)!

Steps to get the Newsletter and Report

  • Send an e-mail to me (kevin8080nl@gmail.com) with your Litecoin wallet address when you want to receive the next newsletter (including the report).
  • After sending me an e-mail, send $10,- worth of Litecoin to LaSSL8JqvN4vUVSKYuwYvmgjkwFwzgsYJt.
  • You receive the newsletter (and report) the next Friday at 12:00 UTC.

Who am I?

Kevin Jacobs

I am a certified Data Scientist and blog writer for Data Blogger. I am passionate about any project that involves large amounts of data and statistical data analysis. I can be reached using Twitter (@kmjjacobs)LinkedIn or via e-mail: kevin8080nl@gmail.com. You can find more information about me on this page.