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Opinion mining on Dutch news articles

In this blog post, I will learn you how you can mine opinions about companies from news articles. I will share how I scraped thousands of news articles in a few minutes and how one could classify the opinion expressed in the titles of the news articles. This information could be used for example to help with watching competitors of a company or to predict global trends.


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python scrapy

如何使用 Python 和 Scrapy ,仅通过5个简单的步骤来抓取一个网站?


在本Python抓取教程中,您将学习如何在Scrapy框架里,用 Python 写一个简单的网站抓取器。 在本文中,Data Blogger将被当作例子。




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Scrape Tweets from Twitter using Python and Tweepy

This tutorial guides you in setting up a system for collecting Tweets. Not in Apache Spark or Apache Flink, but just in Python + Tweepy. In many use cases, just a single computing node can collect enough Tweets to draw decent conclusions. In future blog posts, I will explain how to collect Tweets using a cluster (and with either Apache Spark or Apache Flink). But for now, lets focus on a simple Pythonic harvester! If you are interested in scraping a website, you should definitely read this article.


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