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Mastering Pandas

In this course, you will learn how to use the Python Pandas. After the course, you will be able to:

  • Load and transform your data
  • Visualizing data using line plots, scatter plots and histograms
  • Merging and storing data

The course also includes more advanced topics, such as data parallelization and aggregation.

You can see all course content under “Curriculum” on Data Blogger Courses and the first three lessons are free. The first free lesson can be found here.

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CryptoHist: Python Scraper for Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain based coins like Bitcoin and bitcoin based technology as Ethereum are becoming more and more important. In this blog post, I will showcase my CryptoHist repository for scraping historic cryptocurrency data. This will be used as input for the next blog post in which we will analyze the data! For more information about blockchain, definitely read this article.


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Four Ways Data Visualization Affects Decision Making In Human Resources

Data is perhaps the most rapidly increasing entity in this digital world today. Be it any activity across any walk of life taking place at any location in the world, data is being generated in an exponential manner, and the world of business is coming to devise innovative ways to leverage this ever-growing database to its benefit. Data Visualization is one of those novel ways, which may help every section of an organization realize its goals in a much smarter and efficient manner, including the human resources or HR department. It will be worthwhile to put a glance as to how may this science of visualizing the data in an aesthetically sensible manner be of use to the world of HR.


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