ovoNews – The Company News Search Engine

Are you looking for recent and old news about companies? We just created a Company News Search Engine for you! This might be useful when you want to keep track of the latest news about a particular company and also want keep track of the old news. This service is especially interesting for investors. So what is the difference with Google News then? Besides a normal search engine, we also offer an API which allows you to programmatically access the news.


  • Real-time access to the latest news.
  • A Google-like search engine interface in which you can search for news.
  • An API which allows you to programmatically access the news.
  • 99,999% up-time guarantee since we use a distributed computing architecture.
  • Search on company symbols, date, date ranges, company names and much more functionalities.
  • Access to news archives.

Get access!

If you would like to get access to our API, please send an e-mail to You will get a response within one business day.


The costs of the ovoNews search engine is €50,- per month.


The implementation depends on Scrapy and Python. A small demonstration of these technologies is shown here.

Kevin Jacobs

Kevin Jacobs is a certified Data Scientist and blog writer for Data Blogger. He is passionate about any project that involves large amounts of data and statistical data analysis. Kevin can be reached using Twitter (@kmjjacobs), LinkedIn or via e-mail: Want to write for us? Then please check out Meta Blogger!